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“Every kid deserves a chance to go to an excellent public college without being burdened by debt. To compete in the global economy, we need a world-class education system so our country is ready to create and take on the jobs of tomorrow. I will always stand up for students, teachers and our public schools to make sure our kids get the chance they need to compete, get ahead and lead the world.”

A world-class educational system that supports our students, families, teachers and schools is essential for Michigan’s future so our kids can compete both locally and globally. I know it’s possible because that’s my story. For me, a great education in Michigan public schools, including the University of Michigan, opened a world of opportunities so I could dedicate my career to public service. 

But that’s not every child’s story. After years of experiments run on our children by the billionaire Betsy Devos, our nation is not keeping pace with other industrialized countries. Currently, our state ranks near the bottom - 42nd out of 50 – for the best educational systems, and our nation’s students lag in math and science compared to foreign competitors. We can change that. I have a plan to make our great state of Michigan one of the top places to teach and learn, so that every child gets the education they need to succeed.

Debt-Free College and Trade School

  • Right now politicians in Washington are abandoning our public colleges, cutting precious funding and allowing big banks to take advantage of a growing student loan debt crisis. Here in Michigan, the billionaire Devos family has used their mega-fortunes to underfund our public schools and enrich themselves off the student debt crisis.

  • Many nations across the world offer free college to all their citizens. I want to bring America into the 21st century by fighting for debt-free college and trade schools for every American who wants to attend and making tuition free at community colleges across Michigan.


  • Our nation’s teachers are pivotal for enriching students’ lives. We must properly fund our schools so that teacher salaries are more competitive with other professions. I will stand behind teachers and state education officials, including the Michigan Department of Education, in their efforts to limit excessive testing so that our teachers can focus on what’s most important - teaching.

  • I will also support our Colleges of Education so they can provide innovative educational programs in teacher preparation, and I will advocate for new and veteran teachers to continue to receive the training they need to grow professionally, embrace new innovations and help their students excel.


  • I will fight for adequate funding and resources so our school districts can provide a high-quality education with STEM learning opportunities, including computer classes in elementary schools. I support apprenticeship programs and other job training programs so workers can get the skills they need for tomorrow’s jobs. And I will stand firm that students who want to invest in higher education shouldn’t be saddled with a mountain of crushing student debt.


  • Our schools must be at the forefront of advanced technologies and provide pioneering 21st century teaching and learning techniques to educate America’s next leaders. I will work to connect education leaders with business leaders so our schools act as the intersection for education and economic development, providing apprenticeship programs, internship opportunities and real-world, meaningful experiences. I believe every neighborhood should have a high-quality school regardless of your zipcode.