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A Livable Planet for All

“Our state is home to 21% of the world’s fresh water. All of us have a right to clean water, land, and air to keep our communities safe, strong and prosperous. Big oil companies are buying off politicians right here in this district while they threaten our land and water with pollution, just so a few executives can get a little richer. No families should have to worry about dangerous toxins polluting our lakes or the water we drink.

Protecting our land, water, and air isn’t a choice between creating jobs and protecting our communities from pollution and catastrophic climate change. Instead of subsidizing the profits of fossil fuel corporations, we can create millions of jobs by investing in clean energy. We need to continue investing in protecting our environment by maintaining funding and support for programs like the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.

That’s why we will reject corporate polluters who threaten our Great Lakes, we will protect our communities, and we will create green jobs for working families and help safeguard our planet. The solutions to this global crisis are within our reach. We just need the political will.”