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National Security

"As I learned from my days serving at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, “homeland security starts with hometown security.” We must all continue to be vigilant and work to ensure a homeland that is safe, secure, and resilient against terrorism and other threats. We must also protect our American values, if we change our values as Americans then we are letting the terrorists win; it is possible to protect our civil rights, civil liberties, and privacy without compromising our safety--we are country of freedom, tolerance, and inclusion."

Safeguarding and securing cyberspace is one of the most important challenges we face as a nation. We have seen firsthand that Russia, North Korea, and non-state actors are attacking our democracy by attempting to tamper with our elections, disrupt our economy, and conduct complex coordinated cyber attacks with the aim of destabilizing our society. We must invest in a new generation of cyber workforce professionals, adopt new defensive technologies, grow information sharing partnerships between government and the private sector, and ensure our Nation’s critical infrastructure is secure. 

The threat of homegrown terrorism is one that we have become all too familiar with in the United States. We must work to identify and prevent extremists and radicals from turning to violence in an attempt to express their views or impact government policies. We must address terrorism and violent extremism in all of its forms whether they are threats from ISIS and al-Qa’ida or threats from violent White Supremacists and violent Anti-Government organizations; terrorism is terrorism and wherever we face it, it must be taken on.

Terrorist threats from overseas have changed since 9/11. We are seeing a rise in lone-wolf or homegrown violent extremists directed or inspired online to carry out simple but devastating attacks. Our traditional tools and methods to discover and thwart these plots must be updated. We must increase funding for first responders and local law enforcement, bolster efforts of our intelligence community, encourage community based organizations to develop their own solutions, build partnerships with the tech sector, and educate the American people on how they can help. 

21st Century Policing and Law Enforcement 
Our men and women in law enforcement are on the front lines every day protecting our communities, they are also part of our communities. I will work with our local law enforcement departments to ensure their community policing programs are adequately funded, and work with communities to encourage participation. I will also support and promote increased diversity recruitment, funding for community liaison programs, partnerships with communities to bolster accountability and transparency, and address the issue of police militarization.

Border Security 
Building a wall across our southern border is not only a severe waste of taxpayer dollars, it will be ineffective. Instead we need to invest in new screening technology and bringing our border ports of entry up to 21st century standards.