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Women's Rights

Women have the right to pursue our dreams and be treated with dignity and respect. Only 19% of our members of Congress are women. Women have been left out of conversation because of systemic challenges in our economy and society that don’t even let us in the room. It’s no wonder why only 19% of our members of Congress are women

There’s a revolution of values happening across America right now led by the #MeToo movement. It’s time to bring that movement into the halls of power in Washington and change the faces of power.


People who work hard deserve to make more than a decent living. We deserve to have a decent life.

The cost of child care has increased by nearly 25 percent during the past decade, while the wages of working families have stagnated. Too many families are unable to find quality, affordable childcare without breaking the bank.

It’s time to make sure that no family in America pays more than 10% of its income to afford quality child care. We will invest in child care subsidies and provide tax relief for the cost of child care to families across Michigan.

  • Close the pay gap
  • Fully fund women’s health centers like Planned Parenthood
  • Enact paid family leave that provides new parents with guaranteed paid time-off
  • Pass legislation to protect victims of sexual assault and harassment